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what is THE chihuansie

The Chihuansie is a full-body onesie for small dogs designed to hygienically absorb and contain dog urine. A feminine hygiene pad, attached to the underside, absorbs the mess while a double-walled body prevents leaks. The Chihuansie can be used with the hygiene pad of your choice. The best part is that most accidents only require replacing out the hygiene pad, not cleaning the entire Chihuansie.

The Chihuansie is the perfect solution for older dogs having trouble making it outside in time, puppies being house trained, dogs with excitable or submissive urination, unaltered dogs, and dogs left at home for long periods of time while their humans are at work. It is a great product for people travelling with their dogs, high-rise dwellers with dogs needing relief in the middle of the night, and taking a dog to other people’s homes.

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